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Software Quiz

Does your organization:

Have real-time access to financial data that allows people to track key metrics with customizable reports?
Pay vendors electronically?
Submit expenses, credit card receipts and reimbursements electronically in real time?
Use accounting software that seamlessly integrates with one another?
Use a company credit card system that allows each team member to have their own card and access to a specific spend limit per month?
Invest time and resources into researching new software solutions to increase efficiency in your day-to-day operations?
Have recurring bills that are automatically entered, processed and correctly allocated?
Use accounting software that includes automatic data backups and extra security measures to guarantee your data’s safety?
Have an audit trail to track and record key activities, transactions and changes within your software?
Have an easy way to digitally document approvals for bills, credit cards, and other expenses?

If you answered no for more than 5 questions we encourage you to contact us.

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