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Are you ready for a Fractional CFO Solution?

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Fractional CFO

An effective CFO helps an organization prepare for the future. 
We partner with your organization’s leadership to ensure your financial policies, processes, technology systems, and culture are maximized to help the organization reach its strategic goals while minimizing risk. Our specialization in nonprofits helps us analyze and share data in a meaningful way to multiple stakeholders. In times of financial stability or crisis, we can help you communicate the big picture to increase financial understanding or work through granular details to bring clarity to complex challenges. 
Our belief that people are the drivers of a successful finance function guides our work to create opportunities for professional development, visibility, and transparency across the organization because financial management is a team sport. We deliver “sleep better at night” oversight and guidance. You don’t have to navigate big problems alone anymore. 
We support your growth until you outgrow us! Fractional CFO support often lasts one to three years and is a cost-effective option because it delivers nonprofit financial management expertise without the additional expense of adding a full-time employee. 

To learn more about our Fractional CFO services and whether they are right for you, take this short quiz below.

Let's find solutions.


"AFC has totally transformed my ability to digest and forecast financial information, strategize about financial futures of various projects, and just.....not find all of the monthly financials so painful."

"Numbers do not come to me easily. AFC has been very patient --particularly in the beginning of my role at ICA--with walking me through the different reports, what to look for, etc. I knew all this stuff from a practical perspective but there's a difference between looking at a sheet of music and seeing "ok, that's a D, F sharp, A, etc" and looking at a piece of sheet music and hearing the song in your head. AFC has taught me how to hear the song."

Laura Sawyer,
Executive Director

ICA, Washington DC

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