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Are you ready for a Budget Process Management Solution?

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Budget Process Management

Budgeting is a foundational financial management process that helps your organization plan for and manage its resources to deliver its mission.
We specialize in creating a collaborative space where teams are invited to engage in the budgeting process without judgment of their prior budgeting experience or financial knowledge. With this empowering approach, teams understand and share accountability for the resources needed to deliver their programs throughout the year.
We help you design a budgeting process including roles, timeline, and a tool that helps your organization meet its goals. Our partnership will add capacity around training and communication throughout the process which creates professional development opportunities for your teams around this important skill. Finally, we help you prepare a budget presentation for your staff and Board that tells your financial story in a meaningful way. 

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We have solutions.


"As our organization grew in size, we wanted to change our budget process to provide more transparency of process to leaders in the organization and create opportunities for robust conversations around our organizational priorities with those leaders. AFC guided us through that process which built budgeting capacity in our leaders, created space for leaders to share their vision for their programs, and built trust amongst the team as we had to decide together on what we were or were not able to include in our budget. As a result of the process, we entered into the new fiscal year with a consensus around a budget that reflected the values of our leadership team and organization."

Jessica Presher, Chief Operating Officer

Miriam's Kitchen, Washington DC

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