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Software Solutions

Leverage the benefits of cloud-based systems and integrations to bring greater efficiency and transparency to your financial management processes. We will review your needs, help you select the systems that work best for your organization, design and lead a setup and rollout process, and train your team in how to effectively use the product.  


Relieve the administrative burden across your organization as teams engage with user-friendly systems that make it easy to participate in finance functions. These systems allow you to increase transparency and reduce drag in your workflows, making information simultaneously more accurate and timely. 

We have solutions.


"If there was a financial system to be implemented to improve efficiency, we implemented it while partnering with AFC. While they all improved efficiency, the one that had the greatest impact was Divvy. Divvy allowed us to give staff, who are out in the field, access to funds to pay for expenses and the ability to quickly and easily record those expenses for approval. There was minimal administrative burden on the staff while also allowing us to keep sound controls in place and have more real time insight into our expenses."

Jessica Presher, Chief Operating Officer

Miriam's Kitchen, Washington DC

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