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Finance can often be an invisible function of the organization making it difficult to know where to start when identifying improvements.
We review source documents and systems, interview stakeholders across the organization, make recommendations for improvement, and then provide the extra capacity to implement better practices and systems that benefit the entire organization.
This process is powerful because it creates a road map for financial transformation. This visibility into your organization’s financial management future creates engagement and confidence in your financial processes and models transformational change to other functions. 
Assessments generally last three to four months and often result in a continued, longer-term partnership. To learn more about our assessment services and whether they are right for you, take the short quiz below.

A la carte services

Short Term Solution 

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"I wanted to thank you both for your help with Mission Graduates’ financial

evaluation and assessment. Your professional services and guidance have made a

signification impact to Mission Graduates’ ability to continue growing strategically.
step we took together this past 18 months has resulted in significant reporting and

operational improvements which were to the delight to our management team and

board members."

Louie Anson, Sr. Director of Finance & Administration

Mission Graduates

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