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It's always a beautiful day for accounting! It's a pleasure to help our clients.

Lisa Hoelscher | Senior Associate

I joined Advisors for Change in 2018. The University of Texas at Austin provided me with a Bachelor's of Business and a Master's in Professional Accounting, specializing in the audit track. Hook em' horns! My experience is over ten years worth of non-profit audit work with clients from large to small. 

Nonprofit entities play a vital role in building healthy communities. I enjoy working solely for nonprofits to understand processes, improve financial stability and strengthen operations in a positive environment. This heightens the voice of nonprofit leaders to speak up for the voice of the people they serve.

The value of usefulness is something I think of constantly. Is the data we are processing objective, consistent, understandable, reliable and complete? Is what I am providing my client useful this month? Will it still be useful next month? What changes are occurring that may impact the future usefulness of this data, reporting, etc?

The management approach and carefully selected employees make AFC positively unique. Management understands what engagements employees or AFC will perform well and accepts clients that fit well. Employees are kind and respectful to each other and clients.

When I'm not advising for change I'm in the garden. I love to garden from landscaping to putting in raised plant beds with tropical plants and topiaries. Each morning I watch so many beautiful hibiscus flowers open stunningly to enjoy the day and then close for the evening.

Learn more about my professional experiences here

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