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The friendly and inviting atmosphere AFC provides makes me feel welcome and a part of the team.

Justin Campos  | Senior Associate

I have been working in the nonprofit industry for the last 15 years and hold a BA and MA in Accounting. I'm excited to share these goals and accomplishments in my role at AFC. My greatest joy in nonprofit work is to help organizations thrive in their mission and goals by leveraging strategic thinking and sound financial planning. The fruits of this effort is to see the wonderful benefits our partners provide to the world. 


My personal mission in my work is to provide the very best information and support for partners to use in their financial decision making. I pride myself on presenting accurate financial reports, which can assist in strategic decision making. 


AFC is special in that they put the team member first, which generates team member engagement and buy-in, ultimately leading to the greatest outcomes for our partners.


Outside of my work, I enjoy spending time outdoors, playing golf, and taking walks with my wife and our two friendly boxers, Brooklyn and Bailey. Our pups are uncharacteristically calm for boxers - they love to nap on the couch but are happy to hop up for their evening walks.


Learn more about my professional experiences here.

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