AFC is the nicest team of people I've ever worked with in my 

25-year career.

Janet Butler Berry | Senior Associate

I joined Advisors for Change in 2017. Following a brief career as a teacher, I earned a dual MBA/MA in Arts Administration at SMU; that degree is the cornerstone of my career and led me to love financial management. AFC is values-driven; we work best when our values support and strengthen our partners' values. We specialize in building the capacity of small and medium nonprofits. The tools we use and our personal approach to advising are meant to enhance, and not replace, the organization's own financial department. 

Of all our values, usefulness resonates the most for me; I see the other three values really feeding into it. I work hard every day to ensure that all of my efforts - bill paying, monthly close, reporting - are useful to the managers, leadership and the Board members of our partner organizations.

I love working for nonprofits and while I've worked in a variety of areas, financial management is the one in which I've most enjoyed and been able to make the most impact. At AFC, I can do that and serve a variety of organizations with different missions and challenges.

When I'm not advising for change, I volunteer with the Girl Scouts and love reading, going to cultural and historical sites around DC and watching movies. I still order DVDs from Netflix and my queue has over 450 movies and TV shows.

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