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The AFC team has a culture of cheerful collaboration that has been a pleasure to join.

Jacquelyn Choate | Associate

I joined AFC in 2024, excited to draw on my nonprofit bookkeeping experience to support a wider variety of nonprofit organizations. I have seen firsthand how clear and useful financial systems empower nonprofits to focus on their programming goals. Accurate financial statements and reporting, be it in public-facing dashboards, or internal reports, also function to drive future programming expansions. 


I am mission-driven and passionate about impacting change in organizations both large and small. I take pride in helping partners streamline and automate accounting systems to increase their capacity for growth and plan accordingly for the future. 


AFC is unique in its commitment to impact change and to empower partners to adopt this change internally. We have diverse systems that can be tailored to suit many unique organizational structures and needs. This coupled with our attention to detail provides our partners with a host of opportunities for sustained growth.


When not keeping the books, I love to keep my garden and spend time with my children. We love to read together, find new places to hike, and swim in the spring-fed rivers around Austin.


Learn more about my professional experiences here.

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