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It's refreshing to work in the nonprofit realm. People are passionate about the work they do and appreciate the support we provide.

Becky Scherr | Senior Associate

I’ve been with Advisors for Change since 2015 and bring rich experience in a variety of audit/accounting roles for public, private, and nonprofit organizations. I am a CPA with a BS in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Accounting is interesting to me because it tells a story about an organization and I enjoy learning how to read and share that story in a meaningful way.

I understand the financial accounting responsibilities and reporting challenges our nonprofit partners face. Tasks such as preparing for an audit, developing a budget, and maintaining routine accounting activities can be overwhelming. AFC provides expertise and support to nonprofits with the goal of building financial management capacity.  We recognize that every nonprofit and the people working there are unique.  Building relationships with our partners helps us understand how we can best serve them. 


Through our work, partners gain a better understanding of their financial story and how that impacts their organization.  I love that my job connects accounting with people who are passionate about their mission. AFC is a great place to work!


Our team is a diverse group of people and backgrounds.  Through a team approach guided by AFC’s core values, our work occurs in a supportive, collaborative environment. Opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally are encouraged.  It’s easy for us to stay connected as a team using different types of technology.  

When I’m not advising for change, I’m outside.  My family and I enjoy visiting National Parks and exploring Maryland on foot or by kayak.

Learn more about my professional experiences here

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