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Amy Anchor

At AFC, we are building a model of a great place to work that also does great work.

Amy McPherson | CEO

I have worked in nonprofit finance for 30 years. I have an MBA from Columbia University.

I love working with the folks on the front line of nonprofit organizations. It is very rewarding to help build capacity in organizations so they can focus on their mission feeling empowered and supported by their financial information.

I feel fortunate to have a shared sense of purpose with my AFC team members and our nonprofit partners which keeps me motivated every day.

Sometimes it's a challenge to balance our four core values, all of which matter deeply. I think transparency is the key to making the other three values work. Transparency allows all stakeholders to understand the information they are seeing in a deeper way than just looking at numbers. At AFC, we have shifted our internal focus to transparency, which has made accomplishing the other three goals easier.

When I'm not advising for change I'm playing outside. I am a member of an adult horse-back riding team and yoga-lover.

Learn more about my professional experiences here

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