Agatha Buell Eggers | Senior Associate

I joined Advisors for Change in 2020 and previously worked in nonprofits for almost 20 years. I enjoy working with people and organizations that are doing good in the world. I have done it all from bookkeeping to being a CFO, as well as HR, IT, and development (nonprofit staff always seem to wear multiple hats!). I am well versed in managing government funding, as well as supporting organizational change and growth. I am a CPA with a Master in Accounting degree from North Carolina State University.

AFC works to develop the skills of nonprofit staff, as well as increase system and process efficiencies, so that the organization can ultimately manage its finances internally (and successfully!).

What is useful to one person may or may not be useful to another person. AFC focuses on financial information that is useful for the specific people and stakeholders at each individual organization. I work hard to identify the needs of each person that I work with and then develop resources, reports and policies that are useful to their specific situation.

I love reading mystery novels - I like how they hook you into someone else's dramatic life and then almost always resolve neatly a couple of hundred pages later.


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