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Are you ready for change? 


Advisors for Change implements financial management systems that allow nonprofits to have robust accounting and financial reporting. The long-term goal of every engagement is to increase financial management capacity by building a system that can grow with the nonprofit and transfer ownership of it to their staff. Our clients are organizations that work to improve the lives of individuals and communities through direct services, advocacy and the arts.

Core Values

Successful accounting systems provide information that is transparent, accurate, useful, and timely.

Every organization has its own best solution.


We will help you 
find your solution.

Great financial reports are the result of strong systems that have empowered and engaged people working as a team to maintain the system’s integrity.

Our Approach
to Change

We focus on people as the primary drivers of successful financial management systems. Our work develops individuals, teams, and organizations to strengthen their financial engagement and understanding to produce more transparent, accurate, timely, and useful information for management and external reporting purposes.
With these values at the forefront of our work, the implementation of technology solutions is met by empowered people, ready to leverage it.Our experienced team members can fill functional gaps on a short-term basis and train existing personnel on your team.

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