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We believe in harnessing the power of a team, and everyone in an organization has a finance role whether they realize it or not. Building on the unique strengths of each organization and person on the staff contributes to good financial management and a system that everyone can own.

Robin S. Roelofs | Associate

I joined Advisors for Change in 2018. I have over 20 years of experience with nonprofit accounting on multiple software applications. Nonprofit accounting is special, and I’m especially attracted to the complexities of grant management. I hold a Professional Certificate of Non-Profit Management from ASU and I’m an Excel University Graduate (in other words, a spreadsheet geek)! 

I love mission-driven people and the goals that their organizations promote. Too often, finance staff work in isolation and mystery, then burn out. I hope to empower our clients’ finance staff to love their jobs and confidently support their co-workers’ financial tasks. That really maximizes the mission work.

I love being useful! My work and volunteer experiences gave me insight to the multiple audiences in an organization and their different needs for financial information. A Program Director uses highly segmented reports while a Board Member uses highly summarized reports. I love it when a partner says they finally understand!

When I'm not advising for change I'm exploring nature. My first career choice was ecosystem biology and scientific illustration. I still explore nature looking for clues to what the plants and wildlife are up to. I’m also frequently at Painting with a Twist trying to exercise a relaxed approach to making art.

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