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AFC leads by example in that they put people first and foster a team/partnership approach to the work.

Jessica Edwards| Senior Associate

I joined Advisors for Change in 2024. I am a certified nonprofit accounting professional with a bachelor's degree in accounting and management. Half of my 20+ year career has been focused on the nonprofit sector. I have a strong passion for the missions of my nonprofit clients and the people who dedicate their lives to ensuring the success of these organizations.


I'm sensitive to the reality that solutions and processes must be uniquely tailored to best fit an organization. I strive to fully learn about the organizational mission, staff, and procedures to develop the best solutions collaboratively. I care deeply about the nonprofits I work with and commit to ensuring that all financial data is accurate, timely, useful, and efficient.


While I resonate with each of the four AFC values, “useful” systems and reporting are of utmost importance to me. It's incredibly rewarding when an organization is empowered to make great decisions supported by the necessary tools and data.


Outside of spreadsheets and budgets, I love adventure and travel. My husband and I are passionate about exposing our children to new experiences and cultures. We particularly enjoy hiking and hope to someday visit all of the National Parks. 

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