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Fractional CFO Quiz

Does your organization:

Encourage a culture of financial understanding, engagement, and responsibility?
Use technology to increase efficiency and transparency in accounting workflows?
Distribute financial reports to management and the Board of Directors on a consistent and timely schedule?
Update policies, assess internal controls and mitigate financial risks frequently?
Have the capacity to innovate its financial processes, technology, reporting, and communication beyond just maintaining the status quo?
Forecast its financial position and cash flow regularly?
Train staff and the Board of Directors to understand your funding model and basic financial management principles?
Complete its annual audit and 990 filing within 6 months of its fiscal year-end close?
Have confidence that its financial reporting is accurate?
Feel confident that the systems, structure and staffing of the finance department are meeting the organization’s needs?

If you answered no for more than 5 questions we encourage you to contact us.

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