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AFC is a professional oasis of highly skilled, professional, and genuinely kind team members. It’s no surprise that our partners tend to fit that description as well. Combined, this makes for an extremely enjoyable and rewarding working environment.

Cindy Popol | Senior Operations Associate

I joined the Advisors for Change team in 2018, after serving for 10 years as a public school counselor. Much like in nonprofit work, educators carefully and strategically stretch their limited resources to maximize the benefit to their students and families, many of whom came from under-served communities.

I am frequently awed by the cumulative scope and depth of AFC’s partner organizations’ work in our communities and around the world. As an AFC team member, I truly enjoy that our work contributes to our partners’ worthy missions.

My work with our partners is extremely useful, in that I work on a wide range of tasks that are custom designed to meet the unique needs of our partner organizations.

AFC is unique in our commitment to help our partners become independent nonprofit financial systems managers. Our work is special in the personal care taken to make sure a job is not just “done” but “extremely well done”.

When I'm not advising for change, I'm spending time with family or helping to plan the next family gathering. I love to cook and travel, bird watch, and am a novice native plant enthusiast.


Learn more about my professional experiences here


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