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Budgeting Quiz

Does your organization:

Start every fiscal year with a Board-approved budget?
Present the Board-approved budget to staff at the beginning of the fiscal year?
Host a kick-off meeting with all staff at the start of your annual budgeting process?
Use software other than Excel or Google Sheets for budget worksheets?
Plan for timing in its budgeting practices, such as budgeting by month?
Implement a role clarity and decision matrix in your budgeting process?
Develop and share a clear budgeting timeline with milestones?
Track actual results against the budget AND provide an updated forecast as the year progresses?
Understand and communicate the importance of participation and buy-in of all staff into the budget creation and budget management process?
Create budgets by department and program that roll up into the organization’s total budget?

If you answered no for more than 5 questions we encourage you to contact us.

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